Blood disorders and vaccine fears: a history

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The human body is composed of many complex networks and processes–all of which must be running smoothly for the body to function at its best.  When an irritant or stressor to the body’s functions interrupts normal events, a variety of complications can occur.  It can sometimes be challenging and its certainly overwhelming to try to sort through all the data and understand exactly what causes some medical conditions–and in some cases even the medical world cannot offer an explanation into why certain disease processes develop.

Vaccines are administered and then specific immune cells that are found in the blood and other bodily organs translate the components of the vaccine to form immunity, or protection against a particular virus or disease.  Introduced into the United States, the late 1800s, vaccinations were met with a significant amount of reluctance and skepticism.  Remaining to this day, many people fear vaccines.  However their use has been immensely beneficial in preventing a variety of medical conditions and lengthening the lifespan of children and adults.  Despite their many benefits, vaccination reactions do occur–often resulting in a loss of quality of life.

It appears that no part of the body is exempt from a vaccine reaction and that these reactions can vary greatly from individual to individual.  For many people, the link between vaccination and a new onset medical complication may never be made, but that does not stop many from searching for answers.

It is often a challenge to persuade health-care officials to recognize that vaccines hold a mysterious link to some types of health conditions including developmental delays, neuromuscular diseases and even blood disorders. But without concrete evidence, many physicians are reluctant to report or diagnose them.

Blood– the most essential part of life- is responsible for the transport of nutrients and life-giving oxygen to every tiny cell.  However, when something goes wrong the components, blood can turn from life-giving to life altering.  Vaccinations of many kinds have been linked to medical conditions including Lupus, Kawasaki disease, thrombocytopenia and the idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP).

Case after case and study after study presents people who had no previous medical history that received a vaccine, and then suddenly began to break out with petechiae, or ooze blood from their noses–some developed bruises that were simply unexplainable.  Damage to major bodily organs and even the development of autoimmune disorders has occurred for some cases and when they visited their physician, they were labeled as “coincidence”.

Vaccine blood reactions do not discriminate.  They do not recognize age, gender, or race.  And while the battle continues on between patients who were well before their vaccine and mysteriously ill afterward and the health care providers who refuse to listen, there are some who continue to look for answers to their many questions.  Despite the research, many health care providers and organizations like the CDC refute much of the evidence–but for those who have seen its effects first hand there is no denying their power.


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