CDC Reports flu vaccine rates for previous year, meets with opposition on the numbers

Every year the number of vaccinations for flu fluctuate to an extent. Never really rising to the numbers that the CDC and other government agencies would like to see.  This year, the CDC has worked diligently to do everything but hold citizens down and give them the shot.  Providing free or reduced cost vaccines in places like Walgreens and having the President of the United States declare “flu vaccination week” were all attempts to bolster sagging numbers.  

According to research related to the 09-10 flu season (the one where everyone seemed to be running in fear of the H1N1 virus and stampeded down doors for a shot) even though the CDC reported better numbers, in the April issues of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly–the editors of the magazine took issue with the figures and felt that they were over-estimated and flawed.  Some have gone as far to call it a “cover up”, but its really just another example of how the CDC and other agencies that supposedly are looking out for the good of this country are trying to sway citizens to believe yet another lie.

In order to truly have what’s called “herd immunity” or a broad immunity over large groups vaccination for flu or other illnesses should be, ideally, around 90%. Flu (among many other vaccines) are far from this number.  According to the numbers released in the above mentioned study, general population healthy adults were only 27% vaccinated.  Other numbers fluctuated wildly across the country and between socioeconomic groups, but none of the numbers where anywhere near what they had hoped for.  High risk groups ranged from 19.4% in Florida to 43.1% in South Dakota–a group that should have shown much higher numbers.  Children ranged from 23.6% to 67.2% depending on the state. The Centers for Disease Control said that there were over 118 million doses of seasonal flu vaccine alone administered during the season. The editors of MMWR took issue with this statement as they pointed out that only between 114 and 115 million doses had even been distributed in the U.S. to that point.

So how could an extra 3 million have been given? Simple. They weren’t.  But that’s not what the CDC would have you to believe. Everyone is getting a flu shot! Look what you are missing! By leading the general public to believe that they are not following the crowd the CDC has been implementing a bit of its own style of peer pressure, if you will.  The numbers for this year haven’t changed all that much from the previous–which only goes to show one thing–the people of this country are smarter than that and choose to make their own health choices despite what is pushed on them.


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