The FDA Approves New Flu Shot

A non-egg based flu shot has been approved by the FDA. Although this new flu shot hasn’t been tested on those with egg allergies, it serves as an alternative option to those who experienced reactions to the original flu vaccine.

Clinical trials show that the flu shot is safe and effective. However, reactions may occur in the result of pain, redness, and soreness where the injection was administered.

The Difference between the Flu Shots

The manufacturing process for the flu shot is similar to the egg-based production method, but differs in the way that the virus strains included in the new vaccine are grown in animal cells of mammalian origin instead of in eggs, says the FDA.

Although this is the first ever cell-based vaccine approved In the United States, it’s been around for about 5 years. The European Medicines Agency approved the same vaccine called Optaflu.

This flu shot is only approved for adults 18 and older and according to the FDA the flu shot will prevent getting the seasonal flu, but would be also used as a weapon to fight against a new flu pandemic.

Benefits of the New Flu Shot

Using a cell-based production method produces the flu shot within weeks rather than waiting months using specialized eggs.

Manufacturing this cell-based flu shot is considered important when a brand new virus appears, that can develop into an epidemic like the H1N1 influenza virus that surfaced in 2009.

However, the “new vaccine” is supposed to be beneficial to people with egg allergies, but the vaccine hasn’t even been tested on this group of people.

According to FDA spokeswoman Rita Chappelle, “Flucelvax (New Vaccine) may not be described as completely egg free.”

For More information on this new vaccine, please visit your local health care provider if you have questions regarding the flu shot.


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