Flu shot reactions, Guillain Barre and other nerve conditions

Every vaccine on the market is associated with certain risks. Flu vaccines are no exception. As government agencies and medical authorities around the world urge entire populations to protect themselves from the latest strains of Flu, little is said about any potential Flu shot reactions.

Flu Shot Reactions : Flu Vaccine Guillain Barre

The 1976 swine flu vaccination campaign was abruptly halted when 500 cases of Flu vaccine Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) were diagnosed. GBS is a rare, life threatening disease in which the body’s immune system attacks nerves in the arms and legs. This reaction to the Flu vaccine leads to a multitude of possible symptoms, usually beginning with weakness or tingling in the legs. The unusual sensations increase in intensity until the muscles can no longer be used. Symptoms progress rapidly toward the upper body, sometimes resulting in total paralysis and deathl  Flu shot reactions like GBS are rate, but they do happen.

Flu vaccine Guillain Barre syndrome is associated with several flu vaccines, the most common being swine flu. There is no cure for GBS, but therapy can sometimes lessen the severity and restore some of the original muscle function.

Flu vaccine Guillain Barre syndrome is considered to be a severe enough threat that prior to the 2009 flu season, the Health Protection Agency in the United Kingdom sent a warning letter to 600 neurologists throughout the country telling them to watch for Flu vaccine Guillain Barre. This letter sparked a huge protest when leaked to the public because the Health Protection Agency did nothing to warn the millions of potential recipients of the this reaction to the Flu vaccine prior to their National Flu Vaccination Campaign.

Flu Shot Reactions : Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

Flu vaccine Guillain Barre is not the only nerve damage from Flu vaccines.  Another reaction to the Flu vaccine is Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). CIDP is closely related to GBS in the fact that it is basically a chronic case of Flu vaccine Guillain Barre.  CIDP also begins with unusual sensations in the arms and legs, progressive weakness and loss of muscle use. The only real difference between Flu shot reactions GBS and CIDP is that the latter does not come on so suddenly and is a long-lasting or chronic condition.

Flu Shot Reactions : Narcolepsy

On 1 February 2011, The Washington Post published, “Finland: link between swine flu shot, narcolepsy”. Narcolepsy is a rare neurological disorder that causes the brain to be unable to regulate a person’s sleep cycles. A person with nerve damage causing this disorder could be talking to you and suddenly just fall asleep for a few seconds, minutes, or hours. Of the 60 young people in Finland who were diagnosed with this disorder during the 2009 flu season, almost 90% had recently received a vaccine to combat the Flu. This high incidence led some researchers to claim narcolepsy is one of many Flu shot reactions.

It seems medical consumers are left with a serious question. Is it better to take your chances with the Flu, or take your chances with a potential reaction to Flu vaccine?


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