Flu Vaccine Rendered Ineffective Due to Mutated Flu Virus


Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population will end up contracting the flu before this season is over. Despite the low efficacy of the flu vaccine, the medical community continues to recommend that people get vaccinated.

The flu vaccine is made each year with the intention of warding off the most anticipated strain of the virus. This year’s H3N2 mutation was not predictable, but it is also not unusual. H3N2 has been the dominant flu strain in the past, and it is characterized by a much more intense flu season than usual. In fact, previous seasons that have been dominated by H3N2 have included higher levels of illness and fatalities.

What do you need to know about this year’s Flu Vaccine?

  • The CDC reports that this year’s flu shot is only 30 percent effective.
  • The amount of fatalities caused this season by the flu virus is above the epidemic threshold.
  • Alaska and Washington, D.C., have reported the smallest percentage of cases.
  • 40 states have reached the widespread designation.
  • The H3N2 mutation is responsible for reducing the effectiveness of the current flu shot.


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