Gardasil: Harsh Reality And Real Truths

What Merck would have all of America believe  in regard to the Gardasil vaccine, and what is reality are two very different things.  Until many states changed their minds, there was a great move to make Gardasil a  mandatory vaccine for school age girls as young as 9 years old.  At one point, as  many as 24 states and the District of Columbia had introduced legislation to make this vaccine required.  Thankfully, many have since abandoned the effort indefinitely–a sure sign that someone out there is thinking logically.

While it may seem wise to protect young girls from cancer–let us first understand the situation and circumstances surrounding cervical cancer.  Most–and I do mean the majority of cervical cancer cases are caused by sexually transmitted disease.  Specifically, HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus.  Based on the pretty commercials released by Merck–the maker of Gardasil, they would lead parents to believe that the vaccination is a sure fire way to raise a happy, healthy American girl.  However the reality of this vaccine is darker and more serious than many people know.

From side effects that are considered “common” like swelling, soreness at the injection site and fainting, to the more serious ones which have reached thousands of girls and include comas, seizures, convulsions, blood clots and even death.  For some women these harsh realities have been front and center hours or a few days after their shot and have resulted in life altering or life threatening results.

Merck and the CDC call these reactions “coincidental” and continue to brush reports of serious consequences under the rug.  There are eighteen strains of the HPV virus, and Gardasil protects against only four.  If a girl (or boy) is already infected with HPV prior to vaccination, this shot offer absolutely no protection against future HPV complications, including cervical cancer.  There is also no clear cut knowledge regarding the length of time that the vaccine is effective–researchers believe it to be about 5 years and are continuing to study but they are using our young, healthy girls as their subjects.  There have been few long-term studies on the medication, and what better way to study it than to give it and then observe the results?

Cervical cancer prevention has little to do with a vaccine and more to do with screening, prevention and early treatment of those at risk.  Since the implementation of the PAP smear and regular screenings, the rate of cervical cancer has dropped by 75%.  There is absolutely no reason that cervical cancer has to be an issue at all in this country–and could be overcome without the use of dangerous drugs like Gardasil.

Many young girls and even their parents have misunderstood the message of this medication–believing that they have a green light to have unprotected sex and that Gardasil will protect them from sexually transmitted diseases of all kinds, not just HPV.  Gardasil is not even a guaranteed method to prevent HPV at all but many would lead the general public to believe that it is not only a wise choice, but the only one to keep young girls safe–nothing could be further from the truth.


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