Gardasil: hidden danger for America’s youth

From the time that the Gardasil vaccine hit the market, it was met with a significant amount of media hype–including television commercials and print ads all encouraging parents to get their teenage daughters vaccinated as soon as possible. Leading parents to believe that vaccination was not only wise, but necessary to prevent cervical cancer. Unfortunately, the results of vaccination for many of these young women has proven to be far from wise and has left their parents feeling responsible and betrayed.

Over the course of the last several years, Gardasil use has been raising red flags among young women around the world thanks to a variety of complications that have been swept under the rug by health officials. The vaccine, which is manufactured by Merck was introduced to the pharmaceutical market in 2006. Since that time, the vaccine has been linked to over 70 deaths, and the VAERS–a system designed to collect data on adverse vaccine reactions has collected over 18,000 reports of complications. 9,000 cases have been reported as “serious”, meaning that life-altering or life-ending consequences resulted from the use of the vaccine. The true number of young women who have been permanently altered thanks to their Gardasil vaccination stands to be much higher than what the CDC and FDA report. Because much of their data is collected via the VAERS, it is up to clinicians and the general public to report side effects for investigation. Unfortunately many, many reactions go unreported each year–often, they are never associated with the receipt of a vaccination and therefore the authorities are never notified, and life after life of many young ladies are ruined forever at the hands of faulty pharmaceutical companies and loopholes in reporting that make it difficult, and in some cases impossible to track all potential cases.

The Gardasil vaccine is marketed as a protective agent against four of hundreds of strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) that have been known to cause pre-cancerous and cancerous changes to the cervix in women, and can lead to genital warts and anal cancers in both men and women. With regular pap smears and frequent screenings, cervical cancer can be caught early and treated effectively. There is a lot that is also known about contributing factors that can be modified to greatly reduce the risk of contracting HPV without use of the Gardasil vaccine. Reducing the number of sexual partners, not smoking, always having protected sex and being screened regularly are just a few simple steps that can help reduce the chances of developing the virus. Despite these basic steps, pharmaceutical companies want parents and teens to believe that vaccines like Gardasil are the only way to truly keep themselves healthy.

When in reality, this vaccine has been sending out warning signals for years. As girl after healthy girl falls ill with a mystery concoction of symptoms ranging from abdominal pain, weakness, fainting, seizures and even death. The FDA and the CDC are continuing to investigate some cases of “serious complications” and are still trying to find a definitive link between the vaccine and the sudden onset of symptoms that have affected so many young, active girls and young women. As the pharmaceutical companies begin a new ad campaign to encourage vaccination of boys, every parent should thoroughly research the dangers associated with the vaccine and think carefully before paying their physician a visit.


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