The HPV Vaccination Controversy: Why Some Parents Just Say No


Why are many parents are refusing the HPV vaccine. A recent study done by the Center for Disease Control and Protection found that only 35 percent of girls, and 1 percent of boys, have had all of the three shots required for the vaccination. Why are so many parents worried about this immunization?

Is The HPV Vaccination Unnecessary?

Parent’s Magazine did a study regarding the controversy. They found that about 14 percent of parents cited the same reason for denying these shots. They feel that if a child is not sexually active, the shot is unnecessary. Many just feel it is an extra expense that is not needed. Few give consideration to the prevalence of HPV and the dire consequences it can cause later in life. HPV-related cancers have increased from 4.5 percent to 16.4 percent over the past three years. As far as the CDC is concerned, this is a safety concern and parents should follow their clinician’s recommendations.

Parents Feel Pushed Out of Their Child’s Healthcare

The most surprising fact uncovered, in the study, is that people don’t trust their doctors anymore, specifically when it comes to the HPV vaccination. Parents feel that they are being overlooked in the overall health of their child. Many pediatricians ask parents to wait in another room, especially if the child is over 12 years of age. Parents worry about what is being said or done behind closed doors. It is a major struggle that doctors face. They want to provide the tweens with confidential health care, but they still must include the parents in some way.

Many states now require teenagers to sign a health release to allow their parent to view their records. However, these same teenagers cannot go on a school field trip without having a permission slip signed. It’s ironic that a child can have an abortion without their parent’s approval, but they can’t go to the movies with the school. Many parents just don’t like that their child can make health care decisions without their input. Parents feel like they are being pushed out of the equation.

The Right Pediatrician Means Everything

Every family needs a pediatrician they can trust. If your child feels uncomfortable without their parent in the room, it’s time to look for a new doctor. The doctor-child relationship is important. If there is something wrong with the child, they should feel free to talk to their doctor about it without feeling uncomfortable. Those who have concerns about their child’s safety with a vaccination should be able to talk freely with their pediatrician about these concerns too. Find a doctor who shares the same values and appreciates the hesitation and concern. Parents only get one chance to raise their child. With so many stories about Autism and vaccinations, the hesitation in giving the immunizations is warranted.

Is The HPV Vaccine Safe?

Still, many wonder if the HPV virus is safe. Many reports show that the safety research was not influenced by financial gains as some have speculated.  Most medical professionals agree the risk of contracting the human papillomavirus brings more serious risks than the few side effects that may occur.  Some people experience bruising or swelling at the injection site as well as headaches, nausea, mild fever, or dizziness. This vaccine has not been known to cause any adverse effects on development of teenagers going through puberty. In short, the vaccine seems to be safe. Still, many parents will be leery and want to do more research, which is perfectly acceptable.

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