Irish Care-Home Scandal, Were Children Used For Vaccine Testing?

Ireland Care Home ScandalIn Ireland, there were numerous church run homes for un-wed mothers scattered across the country from 1920’s up until the 1970’s.

A full investigation is being conducted regarding these homes, as the scandal over the deaths of nearly 800 children at a residence in County Galway was compounded by allegations that they were used as pharmaceutical guinea pigs.

According to Historian Catherine Corliss, 796 is the total number of children who died at the home between 1925 and 1961 in a period when Ireland’s infant mortality was much higher.

After acquiring copies of death certificates for these children, Corliss discovered that they had not been buried in local cemeteries.  She concluded many were buried in the back of the home.

Not only did these children not get the proper burial, but it’s been suggested that they   were used in numerous vaccine trials.

Children Subjected To Vaccinations Trails

According to Irish Radio station Newstalk, three trials were conducted throughout 10 care homes between 1960 and 1976.

In one of the trials  80 children became ill after receiving a vaccination intended for cattle as part of an experiment run at five of these care homes and orphanages in Dublin during the mid-70s’.

needleChristy, a former resident at the Bessborough Home in Co. Cork told Newstalk, “My arms and legs were very badly scarred. But when I asked my mum why? She basically said when you arrived your arms were very sore and they were bandaged.”

Christy was never given access to medical files about the tests conducted on him.

A nun from one of the homes told Newstalk that parents gave consent for their children to participate in the trails.

However, many parents dispute giving consent for their children to participate in any of these trials.

Clearly it would be unethical for vaccines to be tested on children without the appropriate consent. therefore an investigation is taking place and investigators will be looking at whether orphanages and care homes were targeted specifically.



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