Italian Courts may have ruled that an MMR Vaccine caused Autism?

It has been heard through the grapevine that an Italian court has upheld an appeal from the parents for the Ministry of Health to pay compensation for irreversible complications caused by a vaccination. The Board Scientifico del Calendario Vaccinale per la Vita is concerned about this ruling and is calling for the Ministry of Health to appeal against the decision.

This is all over vaccine refusers’ websites, one of which has made the claim that there has been a ruling in the U.S. that a thiomersal preservative in an MMR vaccine caused autism.

However, in three federal courts and three cases, judges ruled that there were no links between MMR and autism.

However, refusing vaccines is leading to increases in outbreaks of infectious diseases. Early May, there were reports in the U.K. press that Liverpool has seen the largest outburst of measles since the introduction of the MMR vaccine. Almost 25% of the confirmed cases were in patients under a year old, which is too young to have the vaccine.  They would usually have been protected by the “herd immunity”.



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