Meningitis Vaccine Law to be Implemented

A new meningitis vaccine law in Tennessee has been targeted towards college students. “The Jacob Nunley Act” is named after Jacob Nunley who was a sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University. He contracted a rare strain of bacterial meningitis and passed away last September.

Nunley’s family made the decision to get a legislation passed so that families did not have to endure the tragedy of losing a child to this fatal disease.

On Tuesday June 4th, 2013 Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee, signed the legislation. “The Jacob Nunley Act,” requires all incoming freshman living on campus to get a

What the Meningitis Vaccine Protects Against

Meningitis is caused by the inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord. An infection of the fluid surrounding both the brain and spinal cord can usually cause the inflammation.

Knowing the cause of meningitis is important to understand because there are five types of this disease, and the severity of the illness can differ depending on the strain. Treatment will differ, as well.

The Center for Disease Control reports that in the United States there were about 500 deaths through 2003-2007 due to bacterial meningitis, and about 4,100 cases of bacterial meningitis in general.

Anyone can contract this fatal disease; however it is more common for people whose bodies have trouble fighting infections.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

• Sudden Fever

• Severe Headache

• Stiff Neck

It is important to know about the so you can make an informed decision whether or not it is for you.

What You Should Know About the Meningitis Vaccine

According to the CDC Vaccine and Immunizations, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) , can help prevent contracting meningitis.

The CDC recommends the meningitis vaccine for children ages 11 to 18 and a booster for those who received a previous dose of the meningitis vaccine before age 16. The CDC also reports that the risk of infection is greatest for those 16 to 21.


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