Merck Issues Voluntary Recall on Gardasil Vaccine

Vaccine RecallMore than half a million Gardasil vaccinations have been recalled due to glass particle contamination. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported via a news release on December 20, 2013 that the manufacturer, Merck, was voluntarily recalling one lot of the vaccine due to a breakage in the manufacturing process.

CDC says no action is necessary for those who received the vaccine

Although nearly three quarters of a million vials were recalled, just ten of them are said to be contaminated. The CDC says that those who have recently received the HPV vaccine do not need to take any action. Receiving a vaccine containing glass particles could result in irritation such as redness or swelling at the injection site. The affected vials were distributed throughout 40 states and Puerto Rico between August 20 and October 9, 2013.

Despite the fact that Merck seems confident that only a mild reaction might occur, a law firm is reportedly reviewing serious injury cases caused by the tiny pieces of broken glass.

Other reported adverse events related to Gardasil

The CDC has admitted to 22,000 adverse event reports unrelated to the glass particle incident, of which at least 1,670 were categorized as serious. A British Medical Journal report in October 2012 linked premature ovarian failure to the HPV vaccination. Just a year earlier, public-interest group Judicial Watch uncovered FDA documents revealing 26 deaths that were connected to Gardasil in addition to numerous instances of permanent disability.

The vaccine had already been linked to more than 49 deaths as well as thousands of negative reactions, but continues to be widely distributed. Merck reportedly used financial incentives in order to help pass a law in California allowing children as young as 12 to receive the injection without the consent of a parent.

In France, criminal complaints were filed in relation to severe injuries following the vaccine. A group of ten women allegedly suffered from a number of autoimmune disorders such as lupus, Guillain-Barré, and multiple sclerosis shortly after being injected. Numerous safety concerns have appeared in news reports and medical journals across the globe.

Merck lists some possible allergic reactions on its website such as swelling, headache, fainting and seizures but there is no mention of the reported deaths.


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