Mom’s advice sways older daughter’s decision to get HPV vaccine

Many young women rely on a key person to help them make critical decisions in life–no matter how old you get, many turn to their mothers for advice and help.  This is especially true as many head out on their own–taking their first steps of true independence when they leave the nest for college.  Often intimidated by the many new decisions left in their hands, they call home and ask mom for advice.  A new research study is now suggesting that moms play a significant role in the medical decisions that their newly independent daughters may make, and in particular, the decision to be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine hinges significantly on what Dr. Mom prescribes.

In a study conducted by Ohio State University, researchers showed that many young women reported receiving the HPV vaccination series (all three shots) more frequently if they were able to talk with their mom about the decision first.  This could be a key point for several reasons–this study brings to light the benefit that moms make in encouraging their daughters to be vaccinated, however many simply do not realize the dangers and risks of the vaccine–one that has effected the lives of thousands of young women around the world in a negative way.  For this reason, it is imperative that mothers of all girls who are approved for the vaccine (those between the ages of 9 and 26) be educated on the dangers of the disease in a hope that no one else would needlessly suffer.  Linked to a variety of auto-immune triggered illnesses, the HPV vaccine like Gardasil has been studied extensively since it hit the market in 2006.  After injection, thousands of women have suffered migraines, dramatic hair loss, Guillain Barre Syndrome, permanent muscle paralysis and weakness, seizures, coma and even death. If women knew and understood the risks of vaccination a simple warning from mom may be all it takes to stop this tragic cycle.

Based on the study of 1182 mother-daughter pairs, 137 reported discussing the HPV vaccine with their mothers.  It is a topic with a tender spot–many young women don’t want to talk with mom about their risk for a sexually transmitted disease and communication has been a primary barrier reported by physicians and parents of younger girls especially.  However, the study also analyzed fear–trying to determine how much the fear of contracting HPV and possibly, later changes in the cervix that could lead to cancer.  Fear did not correlate with the number of mothers and daughters who talked about the vaccine–and researchers felt that fear was not a motivating factor, but instead it was simply taking the time to find out what mom recommended.

If what mom recommends is not to be vaccinated–but instead to use safer sexual practices, limit the number of partners, stop smoking and get an annual PAP smear, then women all over this country would not have to suffer needlessly at the hands of a dangerous vaccine  So many people report only taking the advice of their physician without ever researching the facts–so if you are a mother, look in to the issue and give your daughter the best advice–the advice that will lead to years of good health and don’t risk it.


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