Researchers Close To Injection-Free Vaccines


Vaccinations have been around since the 1800s. Even though vaccines have been around for over 200 years and have undergone many changes, they are still administered the same way. Vaccine injections can be extremely painful. However, vaccines may not need to be injected in the future.

Mucojet Capsules

Scientists are currently working on something called the Mucojet capsule. It is a vaccine that is administered orally. Niren Murthy is a researcher who works for UC Berkeley. He stated that the drug will be injected out of the pill at a high velocity. The drug is injected at such a high rate that it is able to permeate the cells and mucus membranes. This eliminates the need for needles.

This new technology not only allows people to get vaccinated in a less painful way, but it may also eliminate the need to go to the doctor’s office in order to get vaccinated. The Mucojet capsule will be ideal for people who have trouble getting access to medical care. Dorian Liepmann is another researcher who works at UC Berkeley. He has stated that it will be great to have an easier way to distribute vaccines.

Dorian also stated that the Mucojet capsule will make it easier for people around the world to get vaccinated. Additionally, this is a great option for people who are worried about their children getting too many vaccines at one time. The Mucojet capsule allows people to space out vaccinations because your children can be vaccinated at home.

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It will likely be several years before the Mucojet capsule is introduced to the public because the research is still in its early stages. However, they have already conducted studies to test the effectiveness of the MucoJet capsule on rabbits. The research seems promising. Researchers will have to now ensure that the vaccine will be able to work on larger animals such as humans.

Erin Guidice is a pediatrician who works for the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She is thrilled about the possibility of this vaccination being released in the future. She stated that it will not only cut down on the distress that children feel when they get vaccinated, but it will also help parents who hesitate to get their children vaccinated.

Erin has talked to many parents who are hesitant to get their children vaccinated. She stated that the fact that children are given so many vaccines at one time is one of the main reasons that parents often opt out of getting their children vaccinated. Erin also believes that this may have something to do with the fact that vaccines are administered via needle.

Needle-free vaccinations may also be cheaper to deliver. Most vaccines are difficult to deliver in various places throughout the world because they have to be refrigerated. Many people wonder why it will take a long time before the Mucojet will be available to the public. Because vaccines are typically given to healthy people, they have to be rigorously-tested.

Erin has stated that all of the evidence shows that it is safer to vaccinate than it is to not vaccinate. That is why she is all for anything that will get parents to vaccinate.

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