No, Vaccines Should Never Be Mandatory


Vaccination is a very hot topic in today’s society. As flu season is upon us, this conversation will likely be brought up time and time again over the next few months. It is always good to do your own research and make sure that the decision you make not only feels morally right, but is also backed up by some reason and evidence. There are a few reasons that you would choose to not get vaccinated. Primarily they are religious preferences as well as the very serious medical exemptions that one may have for not being able to get a vaccine.

First of all, religious exemption is a serious consideration for not getting vaccinated. There are many religions that, with a certain interpretation, seem to either take a stance against or don’t advocate for taking vaccines. Many people of all religions have different interpretations of their respective religious texts that lead them to the idea that getting vaccines is not something that God would want of them. These reasons can mean a lot to somebody, especially if their religion is a large part of their identity. It is often overlooked that there are people who have religious reasons for declining vaccinations.

In addition to religious reasons for not wanting to get vaccinated, there is another aspect to this that often gets overlooked. There are many people who simply cannot get vaccinated because of some sort of irregularity with their body. The CDC recognizes that people who are pregnant, allergic to vaccines or the components of vaccines, over the age of 50, or who cannot swallow a vaccine tablet if it is given in a tablet form all should not get vaccinated. This doesn’t mean that there are not alternatives to getting protected from whatever disease might be worrying you at the time. It is always important to discuss with a doctor whether or not you have one of these medical reasons not to get vaccinated. Many people often say that vaccines should be mandatory, or that you should be forced to get a vaccine before going to school or work, but those ideas and arguments often overlook the important issue that many people are simply unable to receive these vaccines.

The medical for reason not receiving a vaccine also changes based upon the vaccine. There are some general trends like the ones mentioned above, but each vaccine also has some very specific attributes that will inhibit you from getting the vaccine. They can vary greatly, but mandating that everyone receive a vaccine is not an effective strategy, as there are many medical reasons why someone would be unable to get vaccinated and that fact goes overlooked far too often in the discussion and debate about vaccines being mandatory.

Although there are so many discussions going on right now about whether or not vaccines should be mandatory, these are a few reasons why they should not. First and foremost, the right to practice whatever religion you please is a commonly protected right for many governments throughout the world. Making vaccines mandatory would overlook this important fact. Additionally, the long list of medical exemptions and considerations that must be understood before getting any vaccine is another reason why getting a vaccine should not always be mandatory in all situations.


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