One Study Claims Microwave Popcorn To Blame For Vaccines Not Working In Some Children! Are You Serious?!

We’ve heard a lot of reasons for and against childhood vaccinations.  Some people don’t think they work, and that they are unnecessary.  Now, you can add to your list of reasons you should , apparently according to 1 study, if your child eats microwave popcorn, the vaccine might not work!

Yes, you read that correctly!  Microwave popcorn is one reason your child may not be protected, even if you vaccinated them.

Here’s the lowdown on this wacky idea…that sounds to me much like an excuse trying to validate why vaccinations don’t work for everyone!

In the new study, children who had higher concentrations of compounds, called perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), in their blood had lower immune responses to diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations.  PFC’s can be found in common household items, such as microwave popcorn, furniture, cosmetics, and food packaging.

And, according to the study an insufficient immune response to a vaccination can mean a child is actually vulnerable to catching a disease even though they’ve been vaccinated against it.

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