Parents take Gardasil warnings into their own hands

It is unfortunate to note the number of women who have been injured or even died after a Gardasil vaccination.  Parents of these young girls as young as nine years of age around the world have begged for change, and for hope in the battle against the vaccine that is so dangerous.  Each year, thousands of adverse events are reported to databases around the world regarding this shot–ranging from fainting, weakness, Guillain Barre Syndrome, comas, seizures and even death .  The side effects are less than mild.
United States health officials say that it is nearly impossible to investigate every claim made to the VAERS– a computer database that is designed to collect personal information and claims of vaccine injury for investigation.  Spotty personal information leaves the CDC without enough information to thoroughly investigate every injury claim– so they say.  Without a leg to stand on, parents have talked and tried to find an answer for the injuries that their daughters have received after this vaccine.  Finding only silence, they have turned to the Internet and to their own devices to spread the word about the dangers of Gardasil.

One of the most well-known websites in the United States is– founded by a mother who watched her daughter suffer and wanted to share her story as well is the story of thousands of other young ladies with those around the world who are considering this vaccine for their own young daughters.

Approved for administration in 2006, Gardasil has been on the market for only four years and with 40 million doses administered worldwide, thousands of young ladies are seeing their lives changed forever.  Marketed as a surefire prevention for cervical cancer related to the HPV virus, Gardasil protects against only four strains of the human papilloma virus. When in reality, there are many other strains that can cause cervical cancer and the vaccine does absolutely nothing to prevent this illness if the HPV virus is already present in the body before the vaccine is given.

The FDA has recently approved Gardasil for use in young boys in an attempt to prevent anal cancers, so we now face a new population of complications.  With a fancy advertising campaign in lots of media hype Gardasil has been marketed, and has led parents to believe that they are benefiting their child by giving them the vaccine.  As story after story emerges about the dangers of this shot, parents are being forced to find any way they can to alert other parents about the risks.  Speaking up, and speaking out maybe one of the few ways to tell others the truth about the dangers and risks associated with this shot.


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