Patient dies of swine flu, regardless of being vaccinated

A father collapsed and died of swine flu, regardless of being vaccinated against the deadly virus. Jennifer Adams-Hall was left devastated when her husband Kevin Hall died on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, Kevin passed away in his wife’s arms despite her attempts to resuscitate him.

The father-of-two, a hospital nurse practitioner who had never taken a day off sick in 20 years, suffered from cold and flu symptoms, along with other staff at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, he had been vaccinated against swine flu two months earlier.

Jennifer has been left dazed after a coroner’s report confirmed Kevin, 43, had died as a result of the H1N1 flu, which had been complicated by pneumonia and a common cold.

Kevin’s death is believed to be the first swine flu case in the North East in which the victim had also been given the swine flu shot.

Now, as she adjusts to life without her husband, Jennifer has issued a stark warning to people who have swine flu vaccinations, urging, “Please stay vigilant and look out for symptoms even if you’ve had the jab. Kevin’s death under these circumstances is so very rare, but he’s proof that protection from illness is not always automatic.”

Symptoms of H1N1 swine flu are like regular flu symptoms and include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. Many people with swine flu have had diarrhea and vomiting. But these symptoms can also be caused by many other conditions. That means that you and your doctor can’t know, just based on your symptoms, if you’ve got swine flu. Only lab tests can definitively show whether you’ve got swine flu. State health departments can do these tests

Jennifer, a cardiac research nurse at the Freeman, said, “I still find it hard to get my head around – how unlucky can you be to die from swine flu after having the jab about two months earlier? He administered staff vaccinations at work too. I’m very conscious that I don’t want to frighten people. Vaccinations are important and work for thousands, millions of other people. In all medicines there will be a tiny percentage of people that they don’t protect, and in this case it was Kevin.”

Jennifer said, “It never entered my head that he could have had swine flu. We were so busy in the run up to Christmas we weren’t looking out for signs. Had he fallen ill at any other time of year we perhaps would have paid more attention.”

A spokesman for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “Kevin was a very experienced and well liked member of the team, who was highly valued by staff and patients and is missed by all. He was committed to the delivery of high quality services to patients. He was also a supporter of wider services within the Trust and, as such, participated in the Trust’s Flu Vaccination Programme.”

Dr. Tricia Cresswell, deputy medical director at the North East Strategic Health Authority added, “We know that a very small number of people nationally died of swine flu last year despite having had the flu vaccine. We wish to stress that the vaccine is undoubtedly effective for the vast majority of people in protecting against flu. However, no vaccine can ever be 100% effective.”
What a tragedy for this family. To think that you are “immune” against such diseases and viruses, and then for the stark reality that no vaccine is 100% effective.


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