Studies show Gardasil benefits, but conflict of interest may ruin results

There are a few facts about the Gardasil vaccine that many people may not know. I personally was under the impression that this vaccine offered lifetime protection against the human papilloma virus, also known as HPV. As a medical professional, if I can be misled, and I’m sure that the majority of the general public has been misled regarding this vaccine as well.  Thousands of young girls across the country and around the world have been adversely affected as result of their Gardasil vaccine. The three shot series has only been completed by about one third of all females who start the series.

Representatives of Merck, the pharmaceutical company who manufactures Gardasil, as well as health officials relayed the drop and vaccination numbers to a variety of reasons but none of which point to side effects and complications from the shots.  Just another slap in the face for the parents of young girls who have had their lives permanently changed hands of this vaccine, many parents may not realize the vaccine coverage is most effective for the first four years following administration, but may not offer a lifetime of protection.

While the results of the vaccine do show high efficacy rate–96% on average for cervical neoplasia, grade 1, 100% prevention for vaginal and vulvar neoplasia, and 99% for condyloma, the results must be considered carefully.  Consider the following facts…

Despite the positive results of this study, the results should be considered carefully, as the study’s authors and researchers disclosed that they have multiple interests–some of which included relationships with Merck and Sanofi Pasteur employees. So how skewed is the data that the general public hears about Gardasil? The likelihood that the studies that cite the safety and benefits of this questionable vaccine could be more than just flawed is quite high.

Conflicts of interest abound in a multi billion dollar industry that is pharmaceutical sales.  Unfortunately, sinking sales of Gardasil has seen an attempt by Merck to shift the tide by boosting advertising and now focusing its attention on young boys when girls have failed to be their biggest client base.  Would Merck lie or falsify information to raise their bottom line?  Parents have been lead to believe since the introduction of the vaccine in 2006 that having their young daughters–as young as 9 years old–vaccinated was the best step in protecting them from HPV, thanks to a fancy ad campaign and flashy television commercials.

Unfortunately, the reality of the vaccine, now 4 years later is only questions with very few answers.  The FDA and CDC deny that claims of Guillain Barre, blood clots, and disabling muscle weakness in previously healthy girls has anything to do with the shot.  Calling the reactions “coincidental” investigators claim that they have been following Gardasil complaints since the beginning and cannot find a solid link between the shot and the side effects.


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