Swine Flu Vaccine Halted in Finland

Public health authorities in Finland halted distribution of the H1N1 vaccine due to reported cases of Narcolepsy, a neurological disorder, in young children.  Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare sent out a notice to suspend all swine flu vaccinations until further notice.

Narcolepsy is found to be triggered by the swine flu virus. One of the main symptoms of Narcolepsy is a person simply falls into a deep sleep while doing something like eating a meal or talking. There is no warning with this disorder. Another symptom includes a sudden weakening of the muscles, which can completely collapse the person. Currently there is no cure for Narcolepsy.

Swine flu is a respiratory disease that is found in pigs.  It is called Type A influenza and can be transmitted to humans, but not directly. Swine flu, also known as Swine Influenza, affects pigs but not in the same way as it does humans. However, the symptoms are similar in someone who works around pigs or has close contact with pigs.

Because the swine flu has made so many people sick, the swine flu vaccine became available. The H1N1 vaccine became one of the main ways to prevent the swine flu when fear spread of the flu becoming an epidemic.

The swine flu vaccine is being combined with the seasonal flu vaccine this year, causing more concern for parents of children who receive the vaccine.  As a result, more parents reconsidering their decision to get the vaccine for their children.


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