Symptoms Of Shingles Vaccine Injury and What To Do If You’re Injured


What Is Shingles and Why Would Someone Get a Vaccination To Prevent It?

Anyone who has had chickenpox can develop shingles at an older age. Today, there is a chickenpox vaccine, and someone who receives this vaccine probably isn’t going to have a problem with shingles in the future. If you are an older adult, then your physician will recommend a vaccination to prevent shingles. This condition causes intense pain along the body’s nerve endings in certain regions of the body, and you are often incapacitated for several weeks. In some cases, you can have severe complications from shingles, but if you received a shingles vaccination, then it is possible to have dangerous side effects.

What Are the Signs Of Receiving a Defective Vaccination?

Unfortunately, some of the companies that made the shingles vaccine created defective products, leading to problems. The signs of a shingles vaccine injury can include:

You only have 3 years to file a claim.

It's important that you start the process as soon as possible.
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  • Skin rashes on the body or near the injection site
  • Severe headache soon after the injection
  • Pain in the muscles or joints
  • Nausea or diarrhea
  • Bruising or warmth near the injection site
  • A high fever
  • Swelling near the injection site

The vaccine used to prevent shingles is a weakened version of the actual shingles virus, and it is normal to have a mild reaction. If you have a weak immune system, then it is a good idea to discuss your own health with a physician before requesting the vaccine at a medical facility or drugstore.

Who Typically Receives a Shingle Vaccination?

This vaccine is formulated for individuals who are over age 59, and it is effective for approximately five years. At this time, physicians only recommend receiving the shingles vaccine one time. The shingles vaccine is formulated to prevent a serious skin rash and inflammation along the nerves along with serious complications such as damage to the eyes, brain or liver.

What Brand Of Vaccine Is Causing Side Effects?

Recently, numerous individuals have reported a shingles vaccine injury from a particular brand of shingles vaccine. The Zostavax vaccine has received many complaints from individuals who experienced complications from the injection. Zostavax has been known to cause shingles, the very condition it is supposed to prevent. Anyone who can provide documentation concerning an injury from this brand of vaccine that is formulated to prevent shingles can apply for compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It is important to contact a lawyer who has experience in this type of lawsuit to receive compensation for your shingles vaccine injury.

You only have 3 years to file a claim.

It's important that you start the process as soon as possible.
See If You Have a Case

How Do You Apply For Compensation From a Defective Vaccine?

To prove your case, collect your medical documents from physicians and medical facilities. Make sure to have the copy of the documents given to you when you paid for your shingles vaccination. If you have insurance, then your health care company might have additional documents that prove when and where you received the vaccination for shingles. Avoid signing any documents that state you won’t sue an individual or a company for a defective shingles vaccination.

What Are Some Of the Dangerous Complications From the Vaccine?

Some of the dangerous complications from the Zostavax vaccine include:

  • Severe skin infections
  • Neurological problems
  • Vision loss
  • Neuralgia
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Encephalitis

Contact the Law Offices of Sadaka Associates located in New Jersey for legal assistance after an injury from the shingles vaccination.

You only have 3 years to file a claim.

It's important that you start the process as soon as possible.
See If You Have a Case


You Only Have Three Years To File Your Claim

The first step in helping yourself or a loved one after a serious vaccine related injury is to contact us for a free review of your case.

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