Unexplained deaths of 2 infants in South Africa

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In reports coming out of Cape Town, South Africa there are some concerns as to what exactly may be happening at a local clinic. Two innocent baby lives have now been lost, and some are wondering what took place.

The reports of the two separate incidents, where both infants died at the Manenberg Clinic on the same day, show that the families and communities are still trying to come to terms with the deaths.

On Thursday, June 2, speaking from their home in Manenberg, the young parents of baby Tyler le Grange, Nikita, 20, and Ashley van Rensburg, 19, told The New Age, that they were still very much in shock.

The boy’s mother, Nikita, said: “We are very sad over what happened, because the one moment Tyler was still with us, and the next he was dead.

“What we cannot understand is that he was not sick when I took him to the clinic. Tyler was still laughing with the nurse before she gave him his three-month vaccine. After his injection I took him home and laid him on the bed to rest. Then, after 30 minutes, at about 11am, I went to check on him and found that he was blue in his face and that he was stiff,” Nikita said.

“I fled out of the room and told my aunt, Brenda, who immediately ran to the clinic with him. When I got to the clinic they put him on an oxygen machine to revive him, but nothing helped and he died. But there are rumors that the nurse apparently gave him a vaccine that had expired.

If the autopsy proves that is the case, we are planning to take legal action against the clinic. We went to identify his body at the morgue this morning (Thursday) and he looked so restful, as if he was sleeping.”

In a separate incident, Anushka Williams also took her six-month-old baby, Zakiya, to the Manenberg clinic because she had been experiencing, what they call in South Africa, wind.

Richard Mathee, the deputy chairperson of Proudly Manenberg, said: “After Williams brought her baby to the clinic, at 1.40 pm, she also died. But what we as a community want to know is why the nurses at the clinic, who are not doctors, did not call an ambulance and take the child to the nearest hospital – which is just across the road. But now two young lives have been lost,” he said.

A joint statement by the city of Cape Town and the provincial government read: “The Manenberg Clinic, serviced by the city of Cape Town, is cooperating fully with the South African Police Service’s investigation into the death of two infants, aged 14 weeks and five months respectively.”

“The Western Cape Department of Health’s forensic pathology services are conducting the autopsies to investigate the cause of death. Only once the results of the autopsies have been received will it be possible to determine whether the two deaths are related in any way.”

So, were these deaths a result of expired vaccines? Were there errors on behalf of the clinical staff? Hopefully soon these parents may have a peace of mind knowing what took place in the deaths of their precious babies. Perhaps they will be able to have some sort of closure when this investigation is over.


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