Should Unvaccinated Children Be Removed From Daycare?

Should Unvaccinated Children be Removed from Daycare  University of Michigan researchers conducted a nationwide survey of 614 parents with children ages 5 and up, asking parents what they would do if one in four children at their child’s daycare was under-vaccinated. This study was done in response to the CDC’s estimate that 30% of two year old children are not up to date with vaccinations. Although most day care centers require children to be vaccinated, most don’t check that the vaccination records are up to date.

Parents Are Concerned About Under-Vaccinated Children

According to the University of Michigan study 3 out of 4 parents say they would consider removing their child out of day care if other children were not up to date with their vaccines. About 4 out of 10 parents support a day care policy that excludes under-vaccinated children.

The study data varies as to how parents want to deal with this situation. In reference to a national poll on children’s health, most parents agree that all children attending the day care center should be vaccinated. Others feel that the immunizations records of the child should be reviewed every year to check that they are up to date.

As far as removal from day care is concerned, the study shows that 74 percent of parents would considered removing their child from the day care and only 11 percent would only consider the removal of their child only if an outbreak occurred.

Are Vaccinations Required To Enter Day Care? States Decide

The CDC does not set immunization requirements for schools or child care centers however, each state decides which immunizations are required for enrollment at a day care or school in that state. Although vaccinations are recommended for any child entering a school or daycare parents may seek medical, religious, or philosophical exemptions to vaccination, which varies state to state. The exemptions could mean that all vaccinations may not be required.



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