Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Study Finally Being Done

When wondering minds begin to question whether or not there really is hard evidence that either proves or disproves the dangers of vaccinations, one may often feel like he/she is hitting a brick wall.  You can search high and low and you will find varying opinions and studies on both sides of the spectrum.  But how is it possible to make a fully educated decision on your own if the facts aren’t readily available?  Truth is- it’s very difficult.  But, there is hope on the horizon, according to one doctor, as a new study attempts to examine links between vaccinations and children’s long term health.

According to an article found at Health Impact News Daily, the author, Suzanne Humphries, MD says one way to find out would be to compare vaccinated children with unvaccinated children, and a new study is presenting hope to those desperately seeking these answers.

The study is called, “Vaccination Status and Health Outcomes among Homeschool Children.” The pilot study involved four states. That data has not been fully analyzed. The upcoming study will be nationwide in the USA.

The lead investigator is a visiting professor in the School of Health Sciences at Jackson State University, has MPH and DrPH degrees in epidemiology from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and an MA in sociology from the University of Essex (UK).

The proposal for the study states: “This study concerns a major current health question: namely, whether vaccination is linked in any way to children’s long-term health. Vaccination is one of the greatest discoveries in medicine, yet little is known about its long-term impact. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effects of vaccination by comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children in terms of a number of major health outcomes, including asthma, autism, diabetes, and learning disability.

The study involves a partnership between Jackson State University (JSU), Jackson, MS and the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Salem, OR, which has long been involved in research on homeschool educationThis study has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board of Jackson State University.”

The specific aims are

  1. To test the hypothesis that there are no significant differences in prevalence rates of selected chronic illnesses (ADHD, allergy, asthma, autism, type 1 diabetes, learning disability, and seizures) between vaccinated and unvaccinated homeschool children ages 6-12 years, after controlling for potential confounding factors; and
  2. To determine what factor or combination of factors, including vaccination history, is most strongly associated with the selected conditions.

Preliminary research has shown that about 15% of homeschool children are unvaccinated. Since there are 1-2 million such children in the U.S., homeschoolers are an ideal group for this study. Families will be contacted through homeschool organizations via a partnership established between the investigators at Jackson State University and the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Salem, OR. NHERI will contact and inform homeschool organizations nationwide about the study.

The leaders of these organizations will in turn encourage their members to participate in the study by accessing a designated website. Mothers will be asked to use their children’s vaccination records and to record physician-diagnosed illnesses. The accumulated data will be checked for accuracy and completeness and analyzed using SAS (SAS Institute, Cary, NC, version 9.2).

The study already has ethics approval and has been underway for 1 year. The researchers have 2 years to go….but they have ran into a problem.  Money.  They need $900,000 more.  Dr. Humphries encourages her readers to support the cause by donating to reach this goal.



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