Hate Needles? This Vaccine Spray Could Make them Obsolete


Needles have always been considered to be a source of pain. They are also necessary when used for vaccinations. A new study from the University of California suggests researchers are very close to a vaccine for the future that does not cause pain.

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The Vaccine Spray MucoJet

A vaccine spray approximately the size of a pill is being tested for its effectiveness. This spray is called MucoJet. This will allow vaccines to be given inside of the mouth without the use of a needle. Patients would be able to use this spray by themselves since it does not require medical assistance. The vaccine is made in a powdered form and is designed to make taking and receiving drugs easier for patients. The providers of the drug will be able to transport the drug from extreme distances without difficulty. One of the members of the study has also suggested placing the spray inside of a lollipop for children reluctant to use the spray.


Due to the biggest outbreak of mumps in years in Washington, researches are anxious to have MucoJet widely available. Researchers have been conducting a series of different experiments on MucoJet. They have been using the vaccine on rabbits to find out if technology would allow them to get the vaccine molecules into the inner cheek of the rabbits.

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The Application

The vaccine spray works using a dissolving component that is inserted into the mouth. This causes a chemical reaction to occur and releases carbon dioxide. This is what sends the vaccine into the cheek area where the target is the immune cells.

You only have 3 years to file a claim.

It's important that you start the process as soon as possible.
See If You Have a Case

Vaccine sprays are already being used by a lot of people for the more common disorders such as influenza. The problems with these sprays is they are having difficulty getting through the mucosal layer in the cheek. If the spray does not reach the immune cells it will not work.

Early Testing

In early testing, MucoJet it was able to stimulate immune cells that the other sprays and even needles couldn’t. In one particular test MucoJet in the spray form delivered an immune stimulating protein more than eight times more effectively than using a dropper. Droppers are also currently being used for vaccines.

The Researchers

Kiana Aran is one of the researchers of MucoJet. She feels reaching the immune cells in the cheek can be done effectively with the use of the spray. She spoke with Science Magazine and stated that the technology in the spray could permanently change the way vaccines are given. She sees a new future in the administration of vaccines.

MucoJet Lollipops

Kiana Aran also wants to see MucoJet put in lollipops. She feels this way kids can simply hold the lollipop in their cheek instead of having to go to a clinic and receive a shot every time they need a vaccine. The pain of a shot would be eliminated.

The Future

The hope for the future is that oral sprays with the effectiveness of MucoJet can be used to treat many different diseases and infections. This includes influenza, human paillomavirus and HIV. The belief is MucoJet will be incredibly effective on any diseases or infection that enters the body through the nose and mouth.’

You only have 3 years to file a claim.

It's important that you start the process as soon as possible.
See If You Have a Case

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