12 Year Old Left Bedridden in Hospital After Given Gardasil Vaccine


Mia Blesky, a 12-year-old girl who loved to sing and dance, is now paralyzed from the neck down. According to Mia’s family, she experienced an allergic reaction after receiving the HPV vaccine. However, doctors disagree with Mia and her family. These doctors claim her condition was not caused by the Gardasil vaccine but is psychological. Mia and her family were shocked to discover the diagnosis. Before the vaccine, Mia was a healthy, happy, and active girl. Now she is confined to her bed.

Mia’s mother has continuously expressed that she is desperately seeking someone to confirm her daughter’s condition is not psychological. According to Mia’s mother, she used to sing, dance, and act. However, now she only has the capability to blink, sing, and speak. After she was admitted to the hospital, physicians stated her symptoms were caused by a type of self-harm, which was sparked from a mental health condition. She was discharged after a couple of days. Mia’s mother explained that her daughter didn’t receive any treatment.

Mia received the Gardasil vaccine in September at her school. The next day Mia complained that her legs felt heavy, there was a burning feeling in her spine, and her feet were unstable. She was immediately taken to the hospital.

Before the vaccine was administered, Mia was straight-A student with an active life. Now, she is bedridden. Not only does Mia suffer from paralysis, but she also suffers from incontinence and is not able to keep food down. She also has involuntary spasms.

Mia stated that she just wants to be a normal girl again. She explained that singing does help her feel a little normal but not like before. Mia said that she is not able to dance while she is singing like before, which she misses terribly.

The Gardasil Vaccine

The HPV vaccine, which is Gardasil, is recommended to girls who are 12-13 years old. When the vaccine was released, there was concern it would encourage sexual activity in teenage girls. However, it effectively protects girls from two types of HPV. The types of HPV that it protects against are the causes for 70% of cases in the United Kingdom.

HPV is thought to be responsible for 1,000 deaths each year in the United Kingdom. However, doctors believe an estimated 400 girls lives will be saved each year because of the vaccination. Although the vaccine protects against two common types of HPV, there are woman who reported the vaccine caused them to develop chronic fatigue syndrome. Many health associations, such as the World Health Organization, have concluded the vaccine is safe. According to the MHRA and Public Health England, the HPV vaccine protects women from cervical cancer, which is responsible for 900 deaths each year in England.

The European Medicines Agency statistics reported by February 2017, there were 11,867 reported reactions to Gardasil. The UK Association for Vaccine Injured Daughters currently represents more than 400 families in the UK. Freda Birrell, the chair for the association, stated that if the vaccine is not responsible for these health problems in women, then the Department of Health should take action and try to solve this problem. Ms. Birrell feels that the Department of Health should attempt to find out the cause instead of reporting it is ordinary for teens to develop mental health conditions.

Mia has been diagnosed with a non-organic functional disorder. The doctors who diagnosed her believe her symptoms are caused by a mental health condition and not the vaccine. According to Mia’s family, she has not been offered any treatment for her condition. It currently costs Mia’s family about $4,000 per month to provide her with the care she needs.

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