4 Dangers Vaccines Pose to Your Health


While pharmaceutical companies understandably represent vaccination as being a safe procedure that every person should undergo, the fact that billions of dollars are awarded in United States vaccine court every year to individuals damaged by vaccination should be taken as evidence that vaccines may not be entirely safe. While protecting yourself and your family from illness is obviously an important priority, the risks of vaccination may outweigh the benefits despite the widely accepted narrative that presents vaccines as harmless and vitally necessary.

1 – Presence of Carcinogenic Metals and Debris

Research has found that the overwhelming majority of vaccines on the market contain inexplicable contaminants. One study demonstrated that out of 30 vaccines, the only vaccine that did not contain contaminants was a vaccine designed for animals. Contaminants found in vaccines for human use include human red blood cells and various metal toxicants that have been linked to leukemia. The makeup of metal toxicants in each vaccine varies, but the metals found include lead, gold, chromium, tungsten, and various iron alloys. Iron can corrode in the body, toxifying the tissues.

2 – Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity

Studies have shown that aluminum toxicity in the brain can lead to neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. However, many vaccines have been found to contain aluminum adjuvants. Aluminum adjuvants are not expelled from the body and instead enter the immune cells, called macrophages, and are transported throughout the body. Aluminum in the brain can also cause immunity issues.

3 – Immune Activation Brain Injury

The development of the brain is controlled by immune system signals called cytokines. If the immune system is activated during the development of the brain, permanent brain injury can occur. This injury can manifest as schizophrenia, autism, or other neurological diseases. Vaccines have been proven to stimulate a cytokine called interleukin-6 that has connections to autism. The aluminum found in vaccines is known to stimulate interleukin-6 and Th2 in the brain. Nonetheless, the connection between vaccines and autism is mysteriously overlooked by the scientific community as a whole.

4 – Mercury in Vaccines

In documents produced by the CDC, it is conclusively demonstrated that this agency tasked with the protection of the health of all Americans was aware of the dangers that mercury in vaccines posed to adults and especially children but allowed mercury to be included in vaccines anyway. Specifically, it was shown that vaccines used on humans in the United States contained a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal. Though thimerosal is reportedly no longer used in vaccines, this assurance may be hard for many to believe given the CDC’s track record of obscuring information from the public that is vital to the public health.

More Potential Vaccine Dangers

It is entirely possible that vaccine dangers pose an even greater risk to your health and the health of your family. Due to the unwillingness of many medical professionals and researchers to accept the evidence that vaccines may be harmful, it is hard to know exactly how deadly vaccines may be. It has been indicated by certain sources that components in vaccines may cause certain areas in the brain to lose blood flow, resulting in miniature strokes that often manifest as cross-eyedness in children.

It has also been indicated that vaccines may have the potential to cause severe immune issues that may not show themselves until years or decades after the vaccine is administered. Though some of the specific vaccine dangers that pose to your health are well known and documented, many others are still relatively unknown. If you determine that you or your children have been damaged by vaccines, it is important that you consult with a vaccine injury attorney right away.

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