Bartaco Hepatitis A Class Action Lawsuit Filed


A class action lawsuit has been filed against Bar Taco Port Chester, LLC. This is a company that owns Bartaco, a restaurant in Yonkers. The restaurant is being sued because they exposed people to Hepatitis A. Crystal Lopez was one of the thousands of people who ate at Bartaco between Aug. 22 and Oct. 23. This is the time frame that people were possibly exposed to Hepatitis A.

The Health Department closed the restaurant on October 25. The restaurant was reopened the following day. Crystal filed a class action lawsuit in the state Supreme Court on Monday, October 30, 2017. The lawsuit stated that 3,000 patrons were exposed to Hepatitis A. They are trying to get compensation for pain and suffering. They also want to get compensation for treatments.

Pam Ritz is the spokesperson for Bartaco. She stated that there is a hotline available for people who want to individually settle their lawsuit. Pam is disappointed by the class action lawsuit. She stated that people should have just called the hotline. She also stated that the company is dedicated to helping every customer get the help that they need.

People can develop Hepatitis A if they consume food and drink that has been handled by an infected person. It may also be spread through infected stool. Additionally, it can easily be spread from person to person through sexual contact. Casual contact such as sitting beside an infected person does not spread the disease.

People who are in need of a vaccination can go to the county health department.  A vaccine will only be effective if is received within to two weeks of exposure to the virus. Anyone who is over the age of 1 can get this vaccination. If you are concerned about your risk, then you should ask your doctor whether you should get vaccinated.

The plaintiffs stated that they are seeking compensation for pain and suffering. They also want to get compensated for any damages.

There is no specific treatment protocol for Hepatitis A. It can take several weeks or months for a person to recover from it. Proper nutrition, rest, and getting plenty of fluids are important for recovery.  One of the most important things one can do is avoid the use of unnecessary medications to prevent strain on the liver.  Most people do not need to be hospitalized unless they suffer acute liver failure.

Additionally, washing one’s hands is one of the most important things that can be done to avoid Hepatitis A. Hands should always be washed before and after food preparation.

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