Canadian girls death reported two years later–Gardasil questioned

Finding out what has gone on behind the scenes in regards to the Gardasil vaccine and how it has effected young women and girls around the world can be difficult.  Just today, the Montreal Gazette is reporting the story of one innocent, 14 year old girl who lost a strange and mysterious battle with an unknown condition–one the coroner was never able to put his finger on–yet it resulted in her death.  Ask her mother, and she will tell you that deep in her heart, she knows what killed her daughter–her Gardasil vaccine.

Annabelle Morin was found unconscious in her bathtub–she received her second Gardasil vaccination on November 24th and died December 9th 2008.  Annabelle’s story is tragic, yet sadly familiar to many families around the world.  The coroner in charge of Annabelle’s case could not find a definitive link between the vaccine and the events leading up to her death, but he recommended that more attention be brought to the vaccine. Annabelle had also had another reaction involving headaches, and confusion only a few weeks after her first vaccine that was ruled “migraines” and dismissed by her doctors.

The events of this case are more than two years old–a situation that is not uncommon.  All too often, the stories that leave the medical world scratching their heads and parents demanding answers are never told to the rest of the world.  To find out real concerns regarding the Gardasil vaccine, parents and caregivers of girls who are candidates for the vaccine, those ages 9 to 26 have to dig.  The stories are not front and center and it can be difficult to find any solid information on the risks of the vaccine.  Merck has gone to endless efforts to smooth over the firestorm of concerns related to Gardasil with fancy advertising and high-profile commercials.

Health Canada has approved the use of Gardasil in boys–a new idea that has just been approved by the FDA in the U.S to prevent anal cancers caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).  HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that is responsible for 90% of genital warts and 70% of cervical cancer cases in women.  The three shot series has been met with considerable concern around the world and only about 1/3 of all girls in the U.S who start the vaccines ever complete them all.

Annabelle’s case is a story told so many times over by parents who only want answers.  Sadly, the mystery surrounding sudden and strange complications like migraines, vomiting, confusion and difficulty speaking are waved off as another symptom, or called “coincidence” by the governing agencies who are supposed to protect our health and ensure safe medicines.  Who will protect us if they won’t?

Protecting the innocent is up to the parents and caregivers of these children to find out the truth and prevent one more injury, one more needless death from a vaccine that takes its toll on the young and innocent.


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