When It Comes To Flu Vaccine, Buyer Beware. Especially If You’re Older.

elder-flu-vaccine-dangersWe’re told that the influenza virus rapidly changes to work around the immunity that its host develops. If that’s the case, why do the most up-to-date flu vaccines only cover last year’s strain of the flu? More and more concerned citizens and medical professionals are warning that the flu vaccine is more dangerous than the flu itself. Other concerned watchdogs are noting that pharmaceutical companies seem to care more about selling flu shots than they do about the health of their customers. While it’s been demonstrated that children most likely don’t need to be vaccinated against the flu and that the flu shot may be damaging to even the healthiest adult, the demographic that is most at risk to being damaged by flu vaccination is the elderly population.

The Flu Vaccine and Alzheimer’s

An ever-growing heap of evidence makes a startling connection between the yearly flu vaccine and Alzheimer’s disease. It has been shown that elderly persons who receive the flu shot for three to five years in a row are ten times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. This sharp increase in the likelihood of developing this neurological disorder is most likely attributable to the metal toxins found in almost all vaccines. Vaccines have been shown to contain aluminum, which does not leave the body and instead enters the immune cells and circulates through all areas of the body, including the brain. Vaccines also contain mercury, which can cause toxicity leading to memory loss, depression, cardiovascular disorders, and many other issues.

Vaccination Causes Greater Susceptibility to the Flu

Based on data collected from populations in Canada and Hong Kong, it’s been shown that receiving the flu shot actually reduces your immunity against the flu and increases your susceptibility to variations of the flu virus other than the version that was injected into your system. The flu virus with which you are vaccinated never matches the most current strains of the flu, meaning that a flu shot actually reduces your immunity and makes it more likely that you’ll get sick. Studies have shown that those most affected by the flu shot are those that hadn’t received it in more than five years, which is evidence against the narrative that the flu shot is most effective if you receive it every year.

Increased Vascular Inflammation

Contemporary medical science is starting to understand that inflammation is almost always the root cause of disease. Receiving any treatment that increases inflammation would, therefore, leave seniors more susceptible to disease than if that treatment were not received. It has been demonstrated that the flu shot can lead to vascular inflammation, which is inflammation of the blood vessels. This type of inflammation affects every area of the body and can cause headaches, jaw stiffness, neck pain, fever, and many other issues.

Weakened Immunological Responses

Because the flu vaccine suppresses the immune system, your body’s ability to respond to threats is greatly reduced. This can lead to not only greater susceptibility to the flu but can increase the chance of contracting other viral diseases and reduces your body’s overall health. Even when you aren’t sick, your immune system is working day and night to make sure that you’re healthy and this action shouldn’t be interrupted or reduced for any reason.

The Right Course of Action

If you determine that you have been damaged by receiving the flu vaccine, it is important that you start making things right by contacting a drug injury lawyer at once.  You may be entitled compensation for your compromised health.

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