How To Report A Vaccine Injury

Can vaccines be harmful?

The only way to answer this question starts when people report their vaccine injury to the  government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS.

VAERS is program developed by the CDC and the FDA to track vaccine related injuries. If you suffered a vaccine related injury then you need to report your injury to VAERS. Reporting vaccine injuries to VAERS is the only way we will ever answer the question: can vaccines be harmful?

There are four steps in reporting a vaccine injury to VAERS. This video will explain exactly how to do it and how Sadaka Associates can help.

Step One: Call Your Doctor

The first step sounds simple, but it is important to report your vaccine injury to your doctor. Some vaccine injuries may require immediate medical attention and the longer you wait the greater the risk of serious injury.

Step Two: Report the Vaccine Injury to VAERS

Next, you need to report the injury to VAERS. Before filing a report, sit down and write a list of every symptom you are experiencing:

  • Are you suffering from chronic headaches?
  • Are you experiencing intense shoulder pain?
  • Do your arms or legs feel weak

Think about every symptom; every negative impact the vaccine has had on you. It is important to know the details of your symptoms when you report the vaccine injury to VAERS.

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After you complete your list of symptoms, report your vaccine injury online to the VAERS website. If you have trouble filling out the form, call us and we can help.

Step Three: Keep VAERS Updated on Your Vaccine Injury

In some cases, VAERS will contact either you or your doctor for more information about your vaccine injury, including copies of medical records.
You are entitled to copies of your medical records and can provide VAERS with additional information via their auto upload tool.

Step Four: Visit Our Site

In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation for your vaccine injury. Call us, free of charge. Sadaka Associates is here to help.

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