A New Shingles Vaccine: Prepare for Harsher Side Effects

Pharmacies and physician offices across the country have advertisements advising individuals over the age of 50 years old to get their shingles immunization. There’s a new shingles immunization that’s making people experience adverse side effects they didn’t expect. Fatigue, flu-like symptoms, headaches, joint pain, and skin rashes are just some of the many complaints patients are reporting after receiving the newly improved Shngrix vaccine. These side effects can last for as long as two or three days, and the upper arm where the injection site is can be painful.

Shingrix Harsher Side Effects

One of the benefits of the improvements of Shingrix is that provides better protection against shingles in comparison to other vaccines. The nervous system experiences a direct blow from shingles, which is an excruciating condition. Vulnerability to developing shingles continues to increase as people age. Experts state that the long-term effects caused by shingles are far worse than any side effects a temporary vaccine may cause.

According to studies conducted, over 70% of those who received the Shingrix vaccine experienced pain. Nearly half of those experienced some type of fatigue or muscle pain. Due to the Shingrix harsher side effects, approximately one in six individuals couldn’t participate in their day to day activities. For these people, the vaccine had a substantial impact. However, under normal circumstances, the side effects should only last between two and three days.

The Cause of Shingles

The Centers for Disease Control states that, in the United States, one out of every three people will develop shingles eventually. The virus responsible for chicken pox, the varicella-zoster virus, causes shingles and it’s incredibly painful. Those who have had chicken pox in the past are more susceptible to shingles because the virus continues to linger in their body. The virus can become active again decades later and present itself as shingles. That is why it’s recommended that vaccination occur as soon as individuals reach their 40’s or 50’s, depending on the advice of their doctor.

Shingles Symptoms

Burning, numbness, tingling, and touch sensitivity are early symptoms of shingles. One side of the body typically develops a red rash first, and then it will become itchy. Under some circumstances, the development of blisters may occur, and they could fill with fluid, pop, and develop a crust. Additional health complications associated with shingles include the development of a fever, fatigue, headache, and sensitivity to light.

Continued Recommendations

Despite its expected side effects, Shingrix continues to receive high recommendations due to its effectiveness. Physicians believe it’s a powerful vaccine that works toward the development of shingles with over a 90% success rate. These statistics are also found in the aging population of individuals of 70 years old and older. There were cases when the vaccine was delivered inappropriately. For example, the injection wasn’t delivered to the muscle, but rather under the skin. Another example is that the vaccine wasn’t stored at the proper temperature. In each of these cases, the patient experienced harsh side effects.

Those who have concerns about receiving the shingles vaccination should consult with their primary care physician before this or any other protection. Taking this step will help relieve or eliminate any worries that may be present about potential side effects, as well as an individual’s risk factors for developing the shingles disease.

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