Study reveals Flu shot and Guillain Barre link

Healthcare organizations, the CDC and FDA downplay the risk of developing serious autoimmune reactions to the Flu shot like Guillain Barre syndrome. They claim, that there are no logical, nor accurate medical research studies available on the subject and any left-wing Internet site who claims that the Flu shot is linked to developing Guillain Barre is simply making up their statistics. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth.

Flu shot related Guillain Barre

Guillain Barre syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes its sufferers to have generalized weakness, or complete disability of their limbs for varying lengths of time—can cause permanent damage. The flu shot’s link with Guillain Barre really came to light during the 1970s.

An outbreak of the swine flu in 1976 prompted a mass immunization effort by the U.S. government. There were multiple reports of flu shot related Guillian Barre syndrome and death as a result of this immunization effort.

VAERS Reports: Key To Discovering Potential Health Issues Like Guillain Barre

Since the implementation of the VAERS—a system developed for healthcare providers as well as the general public to report to a computerized database any concerns or issues related to or suspected to be related to vaccines, like the Flu shot.

Analysis Of VAERs Data Shows Flu Shot Guillain Barre Syndrome

Analysis of VAERs reports by the research groups Genetic Centers of America, MedCon Inc, and IMUNOX revealed that Guillain Barre syndrome was a well documented reaction to the Flu shot. Guillain Barre was identified using data collected from VAERS. The researchers compared reports of Guillain Barre with the amount of endotoxin contained in each manufacturer’s individual flu shot.

In some cases there was as much 120 to 1250 times as much endotoxin contained in flu shot as there was in the control immunization used for the study.  Between 1991 and 1999 there were almost 400 documented cases of flu shot Guillain Barre syndrome—usually with an onset of about 12 days after vaccination.

Flu shot related Guillain Barre: rare but deadly

Finding truth among all the falsehoods can be a daunting task—more and more consumers are being educated and warned to protect their health by educating themselves. Understanding the risks of potential reactions to the flu shot is imperative to good health and preventing complications. Simply trusting a fancy advertising campaign or getting in line for a shot because everyone else is just is not a solid reason to put your life on the line.

Read the reaction to Flu vaccine study here.

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