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The tetanus vaccine is one that is given at any age.  Which of the three different types of tetanus vaccine that someone will receive depends on their age and the disease that is being prevented. There are a variety of side effects from the vaccine, ranging from minor to serious injuries.

What is the tetanus vaccine?

The tetanus vaccine is meant to protect against the bacteria that cause the disease. Tetanus occurs when there is a bacterial infection that causes stiffness in the muscles and joints. The disease impacts the central nervous system and can cause muscles or one’s jaw to lock. Tetanus can be found in the ground and in animal manure, but can easily be spread anywhere.

The tetanus vaccine contains the actual tetanus toxin that causes the disease. The toxin that is introduced into the body helps build up an immune response to the toxoid.

In addition to the toxoid, there are also numerous stabilizers and fillers that are added to the vaccine in order to both preserve it and convert it to a form that is conducive to it being effective. For example, the tetanus vaccine has aluminum phosphate as adjuvant and residual formaldehyde. Oftentimes, people do not realize that they cannot tolerate the vaccine until after it has been injected into the body. Certainly, those who have known allergies should know ahead of time to exercise due caution in getting the vaccine.

Dig a little deeper on Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus vaccine side effects

Tetanus vaccine side effects can range from mild to more severe. In the more innocuous instances, patients can develop soreness at the spot of the injection or some redness or irritation. Sometimes, the vaccine can simply have been injected in the wrong location which can cause some residual pain or swelling. In fact, discomfort at the injection site is the most common side effect of a tetanus vaccination.

More severe side effects can include fever and chills. There can also be nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as an adverse reaction to the vaccination. Still, these side effects are more common and will generally not have long-term ramifications.

While the above side effects are considered to be benign to milder, there can be more significant complications from the tetanus vaccination. Sometimes, the pain at the injection site can exceed the usual discomfort and progress to severe pain and swelling that requires more medical attention.

In other instances, the patient can experience a severe allergic reaction to the contents of the vaccine. This is where tetanus vaccines can have serious consequences. While a drastic allergic reaction is rare, it can be life-threatening and will require emergency medical treatment. This side effect will begin to manifest itself within a few hours after receiving the vaccination. In some cases, the allergic reaction can affect the heartbeat or can lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing. As a result, the most severe side effect of the tetanus vaccination, although it is very rare, is death. There have been two claims for compensation as a result of death since 1988.

If you have experienced a side effect from tetanus, it is important to document your claim. Make sure to seek medical help as soon as possible after you begin to experience complications from the vaccine. Prompt medical help can keep mild side effects from degenerating to something more serious. In addition, the remedy for the side effects can be a simple medical issue that a doctor can treat on the spot or with a prescription. If the complications are more dangerous, a physician can immediately treat them before they became a matter of life and death.

Because the tetanus vaccine is given to children, you can file a claim with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) if you have suffered an injury. There is a streamlined process whereby you can file a claim and receive payment for your injuries. The tetanus vaccine is recognized as a vaccine that is covered by the Program.

There have been 72 claims for compensation for the tetanus vaccine that have been filed from 2006 to 2017. The claimant was deemed to be eligible for compensation in 52 of those claims. Many of these cases resulted in an offer of settlement from the government.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a tetanus vaccine, you should consider retaining a lawyer to help you file your claim for compensation. While the VICP is a less formal process than a full-fledged lawsuit, you will still need to file your claim correctly and present a strong case for compensation. A vaccine injury lawyer can assist you in making your strongest possible case to receive payment for your injuries.

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