Vaccine Injury: First the Gut, Then the Brain

The way that we think about vaccine injuries has changed as more becomes known about the progression of the specific illnesses associated with these vaccines. While the end result of some of these injuries may be brain damage, scientists are learning that the damage may not necessarily originate in the brain. Instead, some of these conditions begin in the gut and affect the brain through the microbes.

For many illnesses that are associated with brain damage, the problems may not necessarily originate in the brain. One of the major impacts on the brain is the levels of serotonin. When serotonin is increased or decreased dramatically, it can cause damage to the brain. Most people do not know that serotonin is not produced in the brain, but 95 percent of it comes from the gut. In fact, many intestinal imbalances are associated with serotonin levels such as constipation and diarrhea. Vaccines can have effects on the level of serotonin. When that happens, it can ultimately impact the brain.

How individuals respond to vaccines depends on their own internal body chemistry. Gut dysbiosis can lead to inflammation as well as poor vaccine response. In layman’s terms, gut dysbiosis is when the bad things in the gut outweigh the good. The “bad” things can be yeast or bacteria. There can also be microbial undergrowth that is causing the gut dysbiosis. There is such a thing as good bacteria that helps the gut function properly. When these issues exist, patients will experience gastrointestinal distress after receiving the vaccine which will then lead to some sort of brain damage.

Therefore, individual conditions could lead to vaccine injury. For example, those children from certain areas may be more prone to vaccine injuries. This could be because there are local conditions that cause imbalances in their gut. As a result, serotonin production then becomes imbalanced, leading to brain injuries. This would explain why vaccines are more dangerous and less effective in underdeveloped areas. Children in these areas are more prone to digestive issues due to their diets and bacterial issues that are endemic to the local area.

It is difficult to administer tests ahead of time to all those who are set to receive the vaccine. However, this offers part of the explanation of how vaccines cause injuries. It gives context to the fact that some may be predisposed to injury from vaccines.

Some vaccines injure the gut directly without causing brain damage. For example, the rotavirus vaccine causes intestinal damage to infants. This is possible evidence of the fact that vaccines affect the gut first. In other words, while vaccines themselves do not cause the brain damage, in combination with conditions in the gut, they can cause damage.

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