VAERS And VICP — What They Are And How They’re Very Different


In today’s world, vaccines aimed at preventing viruses and diseases are still relied upon by many people. However, in recent years, a growing trend has emerged among people who believe vaccines can actually do more harm than good. This has become especially popular with more and more parents, who sometimes see or hear of a list of side effects related to certain vaccines, and thus decide they are putting their children at risk unnecessarily. Along with this, numerous reports have emerged stating many of today’s vaccines are proving to be ineffective. Whatever side of this issue you choose to believe, it’s always important to check the facts before making such a critical health decision for yourself or your child. To do so, public health officials often recommend people who have concerns look to VAERS and VICP for additional information.

What is VAERS?

VAERS, which stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, is a national database that documents various types of adverse events that occurred following a vaccination. While some people point to VAERS as proof vaccines are indeed dangerous, many experts point to a number of potential flaws with VAERS. To begin with, it is a self-reporting system, meaning the data contained in the database is often highly questionable and flawed. This is due to the fact that any individual, regardless of medical training, background, or biases, can report information on this database. Thus, little quality control of data is exerted on this database, with the site itself stating the information it contains may have few details and numerous errors. Because of this, public health experts believe this database should not be used to prove an argument that vaccines are dangerous, since it does little to prove causation.

What is VICP?

VICP, standing for Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, is a no-fault system created by the federal government that is designed to compensate victims who are injured by a vaccine. While many who oppose vaccines state that, because this fund exists, it proves vaccines are dangerous, public health experts feel the opposite. After all, they point to the fact that like any medication, vaccines also have various side effects. Side effects can range from minor injuries to severe impairment and even death. The fund was established in part to guarantee the vaccine supply itself would never be jeopardized. With numerous pharmaceutical companies facing lawsuits, establishing this fund made it easier to not only guarantee the vaccine supply, but also ensure any victims claiming injuries could be fairly compensated as quickly as possible.

How Are VAERS and VICP Different?

As you’ve determined by now, there are numerous differences between VAERS and VICP. For starters, VAERS is an information database, while VICP is a compensation program for victims. Along with this, there are differences as to the type of information each contains, who reported the information, and how the conclusions about the vaccines were reached by particular individuals. For example, VICP data shows only that a particular judge presiding over a case believed the vaccine caused an injury, rather than having any scientific basis proving causation. With VAERS, most of the information contained comes from patients, family members of loved ones who may have had reactions to vaccines, and even anonymous healthcare professionals.

While there are still many questions regarding vaccines, most healthcare professionals and public health officials believe vaccines have far more advantages than disadvantages. But like any other healthcare decision for yourself or a loved one, it ultimately comes down to what one feels will keep them safe.

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