CDC Seeks to Block Whistleblower Testimony in Medical Malpractice Case


The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, took steps to block an agency whistleblower from testifying. CDC Director Thomas Frieden, has ordered Dr. William Thompson from testifying on scientific fraud and destruction of evidence. According to Thompson, senior officials at the CDC are guilty of both fraudulent and scientific practices as well as the destruction of material evidence as it relates to the causative relationship between childhood vaccines and autism.

Attorneys in a medical malpractice lawsuit have been seeking the testimony of Thompson in a case they are pursuing on behalf of a client. Legal counsel specifically desires Thompson to testify about how the CDC, and members of its staff, committed scientific fraud in a series of studies. These studies concluded that there is no link between certain vaccines and autism in children.

In working to quash testimony by Thompson, the CDC director stated that permitting the doctor to participate in a deposition would not promote the objectives of the agency. Again, Thompson is classified as a whistleblower about conduct of the very agency that is not seeking the doctor’s ability to testify about what he professionally believes is wrongdoing.

Thompson is a highly credentialed doctor. He is a 19-year veteran at the CDC. In addition, he was the senior vaccine safety scientists at the CDC. In his position, Thompson oversaw four key studies examining any possible link between certain immunizations and autism.

Thompson reported that these studies suggest a causal link between vaccinations containing thimerosal and autism-like responses in children. He involved whistleblower protection in the fall of 2014.

Thompson further reported that senior officials at the CDC had directed him and others to destroy any data that supported this causal connection between certain vaccinations and autism, or autism-like symptoms. The studies specifically reveal a link between certain vaccinations and African American boys and children who suffer from what is described as isolated autism.

The medical malpractice case in which Thompson’s testimony is sought involves a boy who is said to have developed autism as the result of a vaccination. Specifically, the lawsuit contends the child was improperly administered vaccinations in 2001, which resulted in the development of autism.

Previously a so-called vaccine court had been set up to handle cases like the medical malpractice lawsuit at issue. The court actually is a misnomer. What really was developed was an administrative process to review complaints that children developed autism because of vaccinations.

According to Thompson, the CDC submitted fraudulent data to the vaccine court, information which denied the existence of a causal link between vaccines and autism. In fact, the studies referenced by the agency in these fraudulent reports actually found a causal connection. The net effect of the CDC providing allegedly false information to the vaccine court was the denial of over 5,000 claims made pertaining to cases involving children that developed autism through vaccines.

The judge presiding over the malpractice trial in which Thompson is sought as a witness ordered Thompson to appear for a deposition in February 2016. It is this order of the court that the Director of the CDC is attempting to quash.

According to the attorneys for the plaintiff in the malpractice case, Thompson is the only person who can provide a first-hand account of the destruction of data ordered by officials of the CDC. Moreover, Thompson is willing to participate in a deposition to state, under oath, what he witnesses at the CDC regarding data pertaining to a causal connection between certain vaccinations and the development of autism in some children.

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