Shoulder Injuries Caused By Vaccine Administration

Shoulder pain after vaccination is common. If you experience intense shoulder pain within a day or two after vaccination you may be suffering from a condition known as SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration).

Victims of vaccine related shoulder injuries have received over $18 million in compensation from the the vaccine injury compensation program.

Unlike most vaccine related injuries like nerve damage, SIRVA is related to the needle itself. So if the needle goes in too far or in the wrong spot that could cause debilitating shoulder pain.

These vaccine related shoulder injuries are purely a physical injury and includes shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, and shoulder tendinitis.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program will compensate people who suffer shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration. People can receive compensation for SIRVA if they

  • suffer from ‘severe persistent shoulder pain with prolonged restriction of function’;
  • have no prior history of shoulder complications and pain;
  • have focused pain in the shoulder where the shot was administered; and
  • suffer with shoulder pain for at least six months.

Shoulder Injury Qualifications

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Shoulder Injuries

Since 2011 about $18 million has been paid out to at least 122 victims of shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration. The money for Sirva victims comes from a fund that was set up back in 1988. It was set up to help protect manufacturers and is paid for by a surcharge on vaccines. All in all just over $3 billion dollars has been paid out to people injured by vaccines.

The reality is that vaccines are not entirely safe. If you’ve recently had a vaccine and you’re suffering from serious shoulder pain there’s a good chance you could be suffering from SIRVA.

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