What vaccines can cause Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)?

Vaccinations are supposed to protect individuals from illness. However, in certain instances, those who receive inoculations are stricken with health-related complications. One potential medical issue is a malady known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)

This ailment is a rare immune system disorder that impacts an afflicted person’s muscles. When the disease process sets in, the immune system attacks and ultimately damages systemic structures known as myelin sheaths. These structures cover muscle nerves and, when weakened, can precipitate nerve damage within stricken muscles. 


GBS often causes physical manifestations beginning with weakness and tingling sensations felt in the arms and legs. However, as the disease progresses, additional symptoms such as mobility challenges, difficulty controlling bowel or bladder functions, severe muscle cramping, an elevated pulse rate, wild blood pressure fluctuations, problems executing basic activities like speaking, chewing or swallowing and breathing issues. The most serious cases of GBS can elicit paralysis that encompasses the entire body. 


Individuals with GBS often experience symptoms serious enough to require hospitalization to control their progression. Though afflicted individuals usually recover, the malady can leave behind long-term, perhaps permanent breathing, mobility and bladder and bowel function disabilities. 


In several instances, onset of GBS is preceded by a systemic illness such as a virus (influenza, the stomach flu, Zika) or infection by a hepatitis strand. On other occasions, illnesses like cancer or post-surgical related stress might serve as a precipitating factor. Additionally, the ailment can occur at any age and impact anyone regardless of sex or ethnicity. That said, however, the risk of contracting GBS increases with age and is more commonly seen in individuals older than 50. 

The Connection Between Vaccinations And GBS

The onset of GBS has been seen in individuals who have received specific vaccinations. The most noteworthy inoculation connected to the occurrence of GBS is the flu vaccine, sometimes more commonly referred to as a “flu shot.” The Center for Disease Control (CDC), a nationally-based health institution that monitors the occurrence of various illnesses, stresses that the onset of CBS following inoculation is quite rare but still can and does occur. 

Steps Stricken Individuals Can Take

Should someone become stricken with GBS and experience associated complications following the administration of a flu vaccine, said individuals might be able to win financial compensation through a personal injury civil action. In order to accomplish this task, however, a prospective personal injury claimant will likely need to retain the services of a personal injury attorney. 

After consulting with said legal professional, both client and lawyer will need to build a case that demonstrates several crucial factors: the onset of GBS is directly related to the vaccination, the plaintiff’s injuries are attributable to GBS, and the damages the individual seeks are related to GBS and cannot be linked to any other cause. 

Individuals who believe they contracted GBS following a vaccination are encouraged to contact The Law Offices of Sadaka Associates for a consultation.


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