What Are Your Options if You Are A Victim of SIRVA?


Vaccines work for most people. They help them fight off infectious diseases of various kinds, and do so without causing any long-term harm or other side effects. But there is a segment of the population that reacts badly to certain vaccines. There are also instances in which vaccines are administered in a bungled and incompetent way.

SIRVA is a specific type of vaccine injury. Most vaccines are injected through the shoulder. A SIRVA injury occurs when the musculoskeletal structure of the shoulder is harmed as a result of the vaccine itself or the way it was administered.

Intense pain, limited range of motion, adhesive capsulitis, frozen should syndrome, brachial neuritis, and rotator cuff tear are the main symptoms of SIRVA. The consequences of SIRVA can be severe, so the first thing you should do if you have any of the above problems is to see a physician. You should document your injury as soon as you become aware of its existence.

Indeed, a SIRVA injury can turn your entire life upside down. The condition may become so bad that you might need to be hospitalized for a while. If that happens, there will be medical bills to pay. You will also be forced to go without income for that period. There may be expenses for long-term treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Even when you are ready to go back to your job, you may be compelled to reduce the number of hours you work or to take a lower-paying position.

Such material deprivations are not easy to overcome. In any case, you should not have to shoulder the burden all on your own. If you have suffered a SIRVA injury, you do have legal options.

However, your first move should be to file a claim with your insurance provider. Vaccine claims are not like other personal injury claims. If you were in a car accident, there is a much clearer line of evidence and causation that you can point to when making your case. It is much harder to prove a link between your SIRVA injury and the vaccination shot you received. For that reason, many insurance companies reject vaccine-related injury claims.

If your insurance company has turned down yours, you should contact a personal injury who specializes in vaccine cases. The complexities and complications of vaccine cases are many, and you need someone who has extensive knowledge, wide experience, and a deep understanding of the issues involved.

Your lawyer will first try to negotiate with the insurance company. Vaccine injury lawyers know how to gather the kind of evidence needed to prove a person has been injured because of a vaccine shot. They may be able to present enough evidence to your insurance company to get them to relent and offer you a fair settlement.

If negotiations break down, you have the option of suing the insurance company. In this instance, your lawyer will be able to bring in the medical reports related to your injury, medical expert and forensic evidence, and the applicable bits of law to bear on your case.

You also have the option of suing the company that made the vaccine. In these cases, the company will not be party to the claim. The government steps in for the manufacturer. These claims can only be filed in a court that is located in Washington, D.C., and only those lawyers admitted to this court can represent clients in it.

The process of suing a vaccine manufacturer can be lengthy and complicated. It is important to have a competent and highly qualified trial attorney who knows the ins and outs of such proceedings by your side.


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