Does SIRVA Go Away? Common SIRVA FAQ’s


As its name implies, SIRVA is a vaccine-related injury. Specifically, SIRVA stands for shoulder injury related to vaccine administration. It is not a reaction to the vaccine itself but is a side effect from the way that the actual shot is given. Here are some answers to questions that you may have about SIRVA.

What is SIRVA?

SIRVA is an injury to the shoulder that occurs when the vaccine is administered in the wrong part of the shoulder. This is a lasting and preventable injury that causes pain and loss of motion in the shoulder.

How do you get SIRVA?

Sometimes, those who administer the vaccine are poorly trained or they simply make a mistake. SIRVA occurs when the vaccine shot is given directly into the shoulder capsule as opposed to the proper site of the deltoid muscle. When the shot is given too high, it can cause serious complications. One way that SIRVA occurs is when the injection is made directly into the bursa sac. This will inflame the bursa sac, which causes pain and reduced motion.

What are the symptoms of SIRVA?

SIRVA will usually include arm and shoulder pain. In addition, you will feel a loss of range of motion in the shoulder. You may also feel things such as weakness, tenderness, and swelling. More severe cases will result in almost a complete loss of use of the shoulder.

How long does it take for SIRVA symptoms to appear?

You will begin to feel pain and symptoms in your shoulder almost immediately after you receive the vaccination injection. In some cases, the pain starts almost immediately. The average time to begin experiencing SIRVA symptoms is roughly 48 hours after the injection. The outside range of time for symptoms to begin developing is roughly a week.

How many cases of SIRVA are there every year?

The actual amount of cases is impossible to know because many people will experience severe shoulder pain and may never report it. The only way that it is possible to know some of the numbers involved is from claims for compensation that are made after SIRVA injuries. There are roughly 500 cases filed annually. However, these represent only a small fraction of SIRVA cases since many people who are injured may never exercise their legal rights and make a filing for compensation.

What vaccines may involve SIRVA?

Any vaccine that is administered to the shoulder carries a risk of SIRVA because it can always be given in the wrong place. Usually, flu shots will involve the most cases of SIRVA. This is because flu shots are the most common vaccination in the shoulder. In addition, since flu shots are so widespread, many who give the vaccinations are not adequately trained. As a result, they may make a mistake administering the vaccine which can cause SIRVA. Tetanus shots are another common vaccination that can result in SIRVA.

How long does SIRVA last?

When the shoulder pain does not go away after your vaccination in a short period of time, there is a chance that you may have SIRVA. The condition can be permanent, but may also go away if it is properly treated. There is no set period for which SIRVA will last because each case is different.

Can SIRVA be treated?

Many cases of SIRVA can be treated through physical therapy. This can lessen the symptoms, and in some cases, the patient can fully recover. More mild cases can be treated with pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication. In some cases, patients may require steroid injections to regain some range of motion in the shoulder. Some courses of treatment are a combination of the measures above.

How do you document your condition?

If you are experiencing shoulder pain after a vaccination that will simply not go away, it is important to see a physician as soon as possible. If the physician diagnoses you with SIRVA, it is vital to get medical records that evidence this because you will need them to prove your condition at a later point in time.

Can I receive compensation for SIRVA?

There is something called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that gives people who have been injured by vaccines financial payments for their damages. The requirement is that it has to be a recognized vaccine, meaning one that is also given to children. SIRVA is an injury for which the VICP will pay compensation, and it is actually the most common injury for which the VICP will pay injured patients.

How do I file a SIRVA claim?

While the requirements for a SIRVA claim are somewhat easier than a full-fledged lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturer, there are still specialized rules that you will need to follow. A vaccine injury lawyer will know the applicable rules and can help you file your compensation claim. You will need to submit your claim along with the documentation of your injury to start the process whereby you would receive compensation.

How much does a SIRVA lawyer cost?

You will not need to pay a SIRVA lawyer anything unless you are successful in receiving compensation for your injuries. Then your SIRVA lawyer is paid as a percentage of the settlement or award that you have received.

How to hire a SIRVA lawyer?

You should look for an attorney who has specialized experience with vaccine compensation claims. Vaccine injuries are different than other pharmaceutical injuries in that there is a different process for payment and unique rules that need to be followed. You will want an attorney who has previously handled vaccine injury claims to make your process as easy as possible. The Law Offices of Sadaka Associates is a leader in litigating SIRVA cases. If you or a loved one has suffered shoulder pain from the administration of a vaccine, contact one of our attorneys for a free consultation of your case.

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